Since it started out in 1985, META has been engaged in the construction of industrial furnaces and machinery for the iron and steel sector.

We have collaborated in constructing furnaces and installations for companies such as TÉCNICA INDUSTRIAL IBÉRICA S.A., ARFLUID S.L., AUBÉ LINDBERG S.A., ELINO IBÉRICA S.A. for over seventeen years, and we are therefore specialists in supplying original spares and for servicing all the furnaces, machinery and equipment they installed.

Today, at META, we are still developing, innovating and manufacturing furnaces and machines for aluminium melting plants, aluminium extrusion plants and de-scaling plants.

We have an efficient and able technical department that is at our customers' disposal to give them advice and work with them, applying their experience and preparation in developing projects with full guarantee.

We wager on state-of-the-art technology and we have a professional team with proven experience to design, construct and supervise all the phases that comprise the process right up to the start-up of the installation and with the best value for money on the market.

Our customers' collaboration has been priceless and has enabled META to create equipment and installations that adapt to the most varied demands.

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